“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” REALLY? SERIOUSLY?


Bullying is pervasive! It begins with name calling..and hateful and false utterances. The bully’s ammunition is not a stick or a stone. It is the word—and in its unique way, it becomes as bloody as the actual physical weapon itself. 

Mark Walters, founder of both Sticks and Stones Foundation and Bullying Stops Today, has spent over three decades as teacher, counselor, guidance director, assistant principal, and principal in the schools of New York City and New Jersey. In his forthcoming book, “In the Shadow of the Apple,” he tells us the story of his inspiring career and how he helped transform the lives of bullies and those who were bullied.

MARK WALTERS—he’s got a story to tell

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 Here's the tale of ...The Bully and the Leaf. 

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